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Moriyama Naotaro

Romaji Title: taiyou
Kanji Title: 太陽
English Title: Sun

English CreditsKanji Credits
Lyrics : Moriyama Naotarou & Okachimachi Kaito
Music : Moriyama Naotarou

Please let me sing this song
There's something I want to ask you right now
Even though
You and I will have white hair
And will forget it one day

I was sitting in an open cafe in front of the train station,
Spending my time,
And I was idly watching the road
See? Someone just hit a car, because of the straight parking
As if there's a reason to hurry
Oh yeah, about the news I saw last night,

The criminal caught for a case looked happy

He just slashed with a knife
At the reality that no one wanted to see
That's it
On this white, white canvas,
What would you paint now? With the brush called "freedom?"
For now, just put
The insignificant worries that keep unfolding, somewhere else
And you can just forget them someday

A long talk on the cell phone, the subject comes after
Oh look, everyone crosses the tightrope together
Hanging from the trends and what comes after
The expiration date for the curry bread I just ate
Was already passed
I was a little late in realizing it
That's it

On this small island where flowers bloom proudly,
What more would you wish? You're not a lord
Being invited by the clear wind,
The child of a tsukushi plant showed its face
Just like you of some day

This faraway star that floats on the Milky Way
Has a story of six billion years, a promise that will never end
On that holy night where grass and trees slept
Coincidentally, you were born
Believing in the shining miracle, I live...

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