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Romaji Title: merii kanashimi masu death ~fuyu, torauma, zekkyou, gyagire~"
Kanji Title: 「メリー苦しみマスdeath~冬、トラウマ、絶叫、逆キレ~」
English Title: merry Sadmas Death ~winter, Trauma, Screams, Hot Headed~"

English CreditsKanji Credits
Lyrics & Music : Miyavi

A spoiled child is fine.
A bad child is fine.
In times like that
Even a spoiled child will kneed even bread dough. -shit-

I don't like the dark.
I don't like small spaces.
Ah, I don't like looking around or even breathing.
~Yada Kouhei 34 years old, bachelor. (Looking for fellowship)

Bitter, sweet, and fuzzy cotton candy, causes cavities in my brain.
I munch on it heartily. Merry sadmas death.

"I won't say anything selfish. You're a good boy, so go to sleep. -shit faced kid-"

Billions of paper powdered dollars flutter, hey, the sound of a bell jingles again.
Festivities full of dollar marks. Black Merry Christmas. ...good luck...

"How many times must I say the same thing? Bad children will be executed. -I've decided-"

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