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Romaji Title: komoriuta ken love song.
Kanji Title: 「子守唄 兼 ラブソング。」
English Title: lullaby And A Love Song.

English CreditsKanji Credits
Lyrics & Music : Miyavi

Not that all of Miyavi's songs are somewhat nonsenical, but this one may seem particularly random and odd. Well not only has Miyavi pulled out some Kansai verb endings for us, but he also is relying very heavily on plays on words in certain parts of this song. So I think it's supposed to sound nice, more so than make sense.

If say, you awaken from a really frightening dream

Learning the character for "river" with mama and papa, I wonder if you're sleeping? Do you understand? This feeling?

I wonder what you're doing right now?
Are you relaxing?
Are you watching TV lying down?

(Is it hard to understand?)

Well if things change, and on a cold winter night, you don't have a coat

But the truth is, you're wearing two granny shirts atop each other. How about it? Is it easy to understand?

I wonder if you got my email?
Are you reading it right about now?
I wonder if perhaps you're replying?

(don't you understand yet?)

It's already over. A very powerful boss has arrived.

As you guessed,

Well I can do it, but I cleverly save. (On my homepage)
Hey, isn't that enough?

I wonder if you're still waking up?
I wonder if you've already gone to sleep?
I wonder if you're properly in bed?
I wonder what kind of dreams you're having?

I wonder if I'll get up properly tomorrow, by myself?

For you have a good night, I sing a lullaby.

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