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Romaji Title: coo quack cluck -ku ku ru-
Kanji Title: 「coo quack cluck -ク・ク・ル-」
English Title: coo Quack Cluck -cucuru-

English CreditsKanji Credits
Lyrics & Music : Miyavi

Ugly duckling

One day, there was a bird without "little wings",
But, but, even if it says "wa!", it won't run away.
But, instead it cried "I want to flap my wings".
That is, it said "ugly" in a hoarse voice.

Coo quack cluck..."in heaven there are no regrets" right?

A child duck with one wing that can't fly, what is he thinking as he looks up at "heaven"?
I am an ugly child duck; Losing my "wings", what will I sing? What will I reciting?

No pains, No gains.

Coo quack cluck...with an unconcerned face, I struggle.

"A swan's spirit" right?

"If there is a good luck charm that won't dissolve, is it necessary to me?
So the continuation of my dream that will not awaken, hey come and look at it...
Don't look back."

No cross, No crown.

And, Nobody knows, Nobody judges, Nobody goes.

Nothing "if".

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