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Romaji Title: violet harenchi
Kanji Title: バイオレットハレンチ
English Title: Violet Infamy

English CreditsKanji Credits
Lyrics: Gara & Kojima
Music: Yuu

If anyone is looking at my romanization of the second and seventh lines funny, it's because it's written completely backward in the original lyrics. I will also say that this is probably my only translation that I will not stand by being damn close to the exact meaning of what the lyricist was writing. This song was meant to be nonsensical when translated outright, and interpreted by the listener/reader. I made what I could of it.

In this worn out town, clean rain falls into a puddle; a clean housewife
At the bottom of a manhole, my drool hangs; a dazzling and charismatic public speaker
I wonder when you who are the Madonna will turn toward me?
Judge me instead of being sentimental over me, Tokyo Carmen
That time that mama tightly held my hand

Underground, an erotic and grotesque hero's shifting sewage panic
Under the blue sky, my memories are just enough; the last charismatic lecture
I wonder when you who are the Modonna will turn toward me?
A break in the proof of the illusion of my right hand; greedy happiness

That time that mama tightly held my hand

Cosmic obscene number
Licking number
Twitching number

High tension petite DJ
High tension, petite, petite, out of control DJ
Cosmic pink number
Erotic and grotesque number
Obscene number

Tell me about it

For an obscene reason, a sweet and obscene lie
Exchanged from steady hand to steady hand
"I wonder if love will bear fruit?"

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