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Romaji Title: tasogare restaurant
Kanji Title: 黄昏レストラン
English Title: Twilight Restaurant

English CreditsKanji Credits
Tearful Lyrics : Gara
Music : Yuu
曲:結生 (17才)

The romanization of this song will not match exactly with the kanji lyrics. This is because before each verse, there is a person identified as saying the verse (eg. "atashi", "Masutaa", "onna tomodachi"). I have shown this in the translation, which is based more on the original kanji than the romanization of the song.

Me : The coffee was delicious at that shop that we met at...
Even now when I happen to pass by, I remember...the two of us reflected in the black mirror...

Girlfriend : "You're the most important thing to me! That's unusual! Why haven't you noticed before now?
You don't change! I'm just a convenient woman to you! The lover that I've waited for..."'

Me : Do you remember that bittersweet coffee?
"Hey, master, will you linger on the same coffee that you always do?"
"Master, can you hear me?"

Master : "−�−�−�−"

With me how I am now
In our memories of old

Me, given up : Everyone stops by the restaurant, I'm waiting for a person who is tired of waiting
Twilight restaurant

The tone of the organ that I can hear from the alley over there
Is resounding in a lonely way...
Your heart was pounding, I sometimes remember that time even now...

Today I will wait for a person who is tired of waiting, everyone will stop by

Me : Twilight restaurant...the restaurant that I'm tired of waiting at...
"Hey, master, please give me a second cup of coffee... ."
A one person restaurant...a memorable restaurant...

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