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Fukuyama Masaharu

Romaji Title: naitari shinai de
Kanji Title: 泣いたりしないで
English Title: Don't Cry

English CreditsKanji Credits
Lyrics & Music : Fukuyama Masaharu 作詞・作曲:福山雅治

This is the theme song to the serialized TV novel "wakaba", on NHK.

Don't cry, come here
I'll emrace everything about you

Don't be scared of being alone
It hinders your heart

I want to understand your sadness
I want to send you my warmth

Don't cry, look at me
Tell me in your true words

Forget about the things you've lost
As I thought, your true smile is wonderful

Don't mistake this kindness
I want to share happiness with you

You're here, and with that I can be strong
I'm here, I'll show you that I'll always protect you

We can start over, no matter how many times
Don't question your dreams, which are important

You're here, and with that I can give it my all
When I'm with you, I can go on living no matter what tomorrow is like

Don't cry, come here
I'll embrace everything about you

Let's talk a lot tomorrow
That's right, just like I thought, I love your smile
Hey, smile

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