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Romaji Title: 20 Century
Kanji Title: 20 Century
English Title: 20 Century

English CreditsKanji Credits
Lyrics : HAKUEI
Music : Kiyoshi

Mars sweeps over the horizon, it's the end of abnormal phantasy
Warp end, warp end, it's like the sun is deceiving the stars
Warp end, warp end, 20 century

The disordered bouquet burns, I lament for wild actions
Warp end, warp end, before committing a crime against the sun
Warp end, warp end, 20 century
Deep end, deep end, 20th ceremony

The screaming voices don't reach me, I can walk anywhere without a map

What did songs giving praise to past days teach me?
I'm just falling endlessly toward the insecure future

Someone quietly grasped my hand, I lament for awkward kindness
Warp end, warp end, is this what the sun expected?
Deep end, deep end, 20th cemetary

The pale twilight, without the influence of god, is a free dream

Songs that praise past days invite unnatural times
I conceal my heart that can't move forward to an insecure future
Friends that fought together taught us love
Break through so much that the world shakes

Something snaps my premonition, I dive into to tomorrow that I can't see, and into your body

A song that scowls upon new days resounds strongly in my heart
I'm endlessly guided toward my new future
It's alright to cry, fly higher than anyone, than anyone
I'm coming endlessly closer to my future
I feel your strength, you have my dreams
Destroying the insecure future, toward a shining future
I'm just waiting for you, I'm just waiting for you
I'm just waiting for you, I'm just waiting for you
Let's play again, enveloping the whole world

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