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Romaji Title: Snow Drop
Kanji Title: Snow Drop
English Title: Snow Drop

English CreditsKanji Credits
Lyrics : hyde
Music : tetsu

This clear drop is you, the lovely sound of water
A glissening swaying ripple is the premonition of spring; an awakening spell

Beyond the wall, it was piled up and crumbled
Softly, that day I laughed at it

Strange isn't it, the time, rusted and stopped
Informs even this world of the morning

So I try to stare at it without closing my eyes
If the white snow flower that blossomed in midwinter comes now, I should notice it

The tangled clouds overhead are tearing
The frozen earth quietly changed color
The flapping wings of birds, the singing voice of the people
Start to echo, and my heart burns
And with a gentle smile on the sunken landscape under the eternal sky
The wind blows that you were here

If I top up the broken rail with paint
A clear tomorrow will have come

Life, strange isn't it, is the time, rusted and stopped
That informs even this world of the morning
We walk in the warm snow that poured down
It seems like a blessing, la la lu la la, la la lu la la, la la lu la la
It was as if you wore a white bell

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