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Kuwata Keisuke

Romaji Title: Tokyo
Kanji Title: 東京
English Title: Tokyo

English CreditsKanji Credits
Lyrics & Music : Kuwata Keisuke 作詞・作曲:桑田佳祐

The sound of the rain beats against the window so hard, that the city lights blur
While knowing happiness, it pierces my heart, and I have no umbrella

The rain falls in Tokyo
Why is the past fleeting and wet?
Tonight I'm going to meet you in my dreams
Just wanna do ya, I gotta do ya, ah...

Holding onto this insignificant night, I look up to the rusted sky
Ah, in mourning I cast my love away into a river of tears

Don't go away sunflower
Living in but corner of this city
You endure the world's pain, please bloom
Just wanna do ya, I gotta do ya, Ah...

The rain falls in Tokyo
Why is my cheek so cold and wet?
Mother, father, my vacant life
Just ya. I gotta do ya...woo...

Oh, she's gone
Ah, ah, ah...rain, stay just like this
Ah, ah, ah...please let me cry

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