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Kuraki Mai

Romaji Title: time after time ~hana mau machi de~
Kanji Title: time after time ~花舞う街で~
English Title: Time After Time ~in The City Where The Flowers Dance~

English CreditsKanji Credits
Music by Ohno Aika
Lyrics by Kuraki Mai
Arrangement by Cybersound
Music by 大野愛果
Lyrics by 倉木麻衣
Arrangement by Cybersound

A "Hanamidou" is a Japanese flower temple where they
worship the flower gods.

If I were able to see you again
I won't let go of your hands
There's a flower temple that tells of the end of spring
There's a flower petal that's starting to look misty
It all comes back, the songs of memory
In my heart, even now, kindly

Time after time
The miracle that you and I met
In the city where the peaceful wind blows
The hill road that we walked holding hands
The promise that I haven't forgotten

I can hear your voice in the wind
It's the faraway memories that are getting thin
I vowed without knowing the scaryness of being hurt
"Let's meet again in this place
When the soft red color season comes again, with a smile"

Time after time
Alone in the city where the flowers dance
The time when they scatter won't come back
But like that day, in the scenery that didn't change
With tears, I was waiting

The petals that scatter in the wind
They fall in the water as if petting it
The more special, the more sad...

Everyone says that they're lonely
But people are unable to not find somebody
We keep wanting things that go away quickly or break easily

Time after time
If I were able to meet you
In the city where I paint with you
I don't need any more promises
I want to be close to you
Who is so sensitive, more than anybody

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