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Kuraki Mai

Romaji Title: Secret Of My Heart
Kanji Title: Secret Of My Heart
English Title: Secret Of My Heart

English CreditsKanji Credits
Music by Ohno Aika
Lyrics by Kuraki Mai
Arrangement by Cybersound
Music by 大野愛果
Lyrics by 倉木麻衣
Arrangement by Cybersound

What kind of words could I use
So that I can tell you?
From that time, many seasons have passed
You were always close by laughing
But there's something that I can't tell you

Secret of my heart
You don't even doubt it
All the time, if there is a little bit of a chance
We should be able to find the truth
I can't say when
Just for a little while I'm still waiting for a chance

In peaceful times like these
I want to be more connected with you
I'm afraid to show you everything
I walk a little bit apart from you
Your profile looked like it was going to break
I want to protect it
I want to be closer to you

Secret of my heart
I hope you'll understand
Everyone has times when they want to run away
But nothing will start with just that
I can't say
I'm sure that definitely I'm calling for a chance

Can I tell the truth?
I can't say those words and my lips idle around
Feeling in my heart
I can't hide them anymore 'cause I love you
I will be with you wherever you are
Can you feel my heart?

Can't you see you're my dream
I don't want to lose the time I spend with you
If you're going to give up, just believe in me
I just wanna say I won't be lost anymore

Can't you see you're my heart?
There will be a day when anything made will fall apart easily
But there's something that never changes
Secret of my heart, our future is forever

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