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Romaji Title: red room ~garasu no hana~
Kanji Title: red room ~硝子の花~
English Title: Red Room ~glass Flower~

English CreditsKanji Credits
Lyrics and music by Klaha lyrics and music by Klaha

Klaha wrote this as a very "artsey", conceptual song, and the translation should be read with that in mind. There are things found in here that you would never see in Japanese, except for maybe in an old Japanese novel. Now on to the technical stuff. In the line "yoake mae no..." Klaha sung "hikari" but wrote "kousai" for "brilliance" or "splendor" instead of merely "light". I thought "light" made a better translation in this case though. And is this Kansai I hear in Klaha's lyrics, with the use of "ya"? In the line "ima homare..." he sings "karada" but writes "shitai". This also refers to the body, but generally has a meaning more like "limbs". The line "akai heya no..." is just FULL of weird things. "akai" here means "deep red" or "crimson" instead of just regular "red". Also I THINK he says "hoto ni" in the song, but the kanji is for "aze" (I believe that's how it's read), meaning "ledge". So I translated it as best I could.

Flickering and reflecting off glass
The pale light before dawn...a flower

In a short while, you will bloom beautifully in my arms
So close your eyes

Now, hold out your prestigious arms
With a cry like a canary, cross the lake of the night

Flickering and relecting off glass
The pale light before dawn...a flower

When the morning comes, it's farewell
So until the night ends, in an outpouring of nectar

Now, wet my dry lips
With a hum like a canary, cross the darkness of the night

Flickering and reflecting off glass
The pale light before dawn...a flower

On the ledge in the red room, throw out your arms
Your empty gaze, that's still lovely

Bloom, the eternal desire
Fleeting pain until dawn...a flower

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