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Romaji Title: jougen no tsuki
Kanji Title: 上弦の月
English Title: Crescent Moon

English CreditsKanji Credits
Lyrics : SAYAKA
Music : Masato Kitano
作曲:Masato Kitano

"Haven't we met before?"
I thought that in my heart
The moon seems to be rising, overflowing...
When it turns into love, everything changes
You can't do anything, a spell is set

Back to back
I couldn't pull my fingers away that I'd reached out
My nervous lips draw near yours, and I can feel the miracle

At that time, the world was turning
My tears overflow
I feel time as it is...
Meeting you
Starting off with you
The day that we love each other...
I wish for it
Like this, by your side
A crescent moon

I was dreaming
I thought that one day
I'd like to love someone
I probably won't find an answer
For all of this, will I?
We'd become inseperable
The two of us

Do you notice?
That my tears are warm...
You found me
It's like opening a window with light shining in

The overflowing tears turn into love, and my heart is cured a little bit...
I'm smiling
Are you smiling?
Hey, crying with you, being hurt with you
If I can be loved at your side
I don't need those things
Even if I have nothing left to lose
I'm not scared

Like something far far away and old
I thought that I was all alone
My broken heart a light blue color

As I follow the footprints, tiredly, an unseen wall was blocking me; now the scenery overflows

At that time, the world was turning
My tears overflow
I feel time as it is...
A little bit of kindness, a little bit of love
There are days that I think fondly of
I become the me of old
A crescent moon

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