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Tokyo Jihen

Romaji Title: sounan
Kanji Title: 遭難
English Title: Shipwreck

English CreditsKanji Credits
Lyrics & Music : Shiina Ringo 作詞・作曲:椎名林檎

The scenario in the later part of the first verse is supposed to represent a plane crash (which would tie in with the title of "shipwreck").

The flower blooms, and we definitely won't find a ride until it withers away
Forgive me for refusing to be as far away from you as you want
In order to not go over the weight limit
At last, break the landing site; difficulty in recognizing
"We're going down."

Right here and now, a conversation that hurts us both begins
More bad seeds are added, and raised
Ah, nothing seems to be coming of this situation
Even if we realize the answer, we both feel love for the cordon
"Help me."

The cold hands that say they hate the winter have long since decided
They're within reach, forgive me for taking hold of them
Break off some more, the water's surface is still far above me
"I'm drowning."

Even though I recognize that loving each other right now like this, without looking back, is dangerous, I stay quiet
Ah, maybe that's just the way it is
Even if we realize the answer, we're both smiling in the daylight
Red nails! But I'm not interested in reality...our vulgar play is right on schedule
Concealing my short-lived feelings in pure white
Ah, I don't like how I am when on the way to something
Our answer should have been the same
"We found each other."

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