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Romaji Title: Burnin' X'mas
Kanji Title: Burnin' X'mas
English Title: Burnin' X'mas

English CreditsKanji Credits
Lyrics : Inoue Akio
Music & Arrangement : Asakura Daisuike

Candles and crosses empower love
Fallen angels play in love, until the scared night

Picking up the lighter that I dropped, I see gorgeous pair of legs
I think that I can profit from this, and I hate myself for it

Going to my house late at night, you say that your boyfriend complains a lot
I don't understand the way you act

Before winter comes, things with me will get complicated

Candles and crosses empower love
I'm lost in you who are illuminated

Isn't that dangerous? Wasn't that uncalled for? The brilliant city lights are calling
Fallen angels play in love, until the scared night

Don't ask me "Is your girlfriend alright today?", pretending to be concerned
If you're worried in the first place, don't come in the middle of the night

When I expect something, it's no big deal even if I get it
I figure you out, and do what you'd like to see me do

A bell is sounding out, far away in my heart

I can't embrace you when you say "I have a secret", that's not courage
Time and time again, I blame you

Silent night, holy night, anything is fine, I want to hold you
It seems as though I'm sadly at a loss

I was always looking at you, even your pretty face who waits for someone
Times come when you just give up, good people soon reach their limit

Candles and crosses empower love
Suddenly, I touched the glass with my finger

You hit me with a tough look; something has ended, burst open
The sacred angels have made a mistake, let it become a miracle

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