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Romaji Title: Boarding
Kanji Title: Boarding
English Title: Boarding

English CreditsKanji Credits
Lyrics : Inoue Akio Music and Arrangement : Asakura Daisuke 作詞:井上秋緒 作曲・編曲:浅倉大介

Aside from the "ashita wo negau mune ni..." line (which was just one big clustered jumbled thought, very hard to translate), this is a very straightforward song. What a contrast from the complex ideas in the lyrics of "Madan"! It's hard to believe that it's written by the same person.

I have nothing to say to you
Who is turning your back to the sounds of the sunset

The wind blows "If you can't say nice things, don't say anything"
Confessing the truth to each other, what in the world will happen?

Soon I'm setting off on a journey, holding on to my beautiful loneliness
It's ok for you to laugh at yourself, now quietly wave goodbye

Everyone whispers "Go without a care"
I get lost at a bustling intersection

I carry frayed memories like photos
The nice scenes weaken my heart

In my heart I long for tomorrow, when those fleeting days that I made to be too important
Are not wasted because I believe in them, how far is it ok to go?

In an unheard voice, powerful tears overflowing for no reason
It's ok to not blame ourselves, because someday we'll meet by chance

So, from here I'm setting off on a journey, holding on to my beautiful loneliness
It's ok for me to laugh at myself, now I'll quietly wave goodbye to you

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