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Romaji Title: ryuusei
Kanji Title: 流星
English Title: Falling Star

English CreditsKanji Credits
Lyrics : TiA & Natsumi Kobayashi
Music : TiA & Kei Kawano
作詞:TiA・Natsumi Kobayashi
作曲:TiA・Kei Kawano

I felt the wind that faces tomorrow
On my still shoulder
The city lights envelop us
Like stardust

You smiling and saying "we each sparkle in different ways"
I see the most radiantly of all

You're like a falling star, like a lonely swallow
We should be able to cut through the darkness of the night
Forgetting the time in which the days seem to flow like clockwork
I'm not alone

"Being like yourself"
Even when I think about it, it has no meaning
You're yourself at any given time
Just as you are

Even if the insides of my pockets are empty
Something important remains in the left side of my chest

Dreams are like falling stars, like rainbows after the rain
Light follows along into my heart
Continuing to be lost becomes the only answer
I promise that I won't deceive you

"What am I wrong about?
What am I not wrong about?"
In those times, I raise my hands up into the sky
And I extend them up higher
More and more high
Certainly I can grasp your infinite future

Time is like a falling stars, leaving long and lighted tails
It passes by in a twinkling instant
Today that I can't return to, and the strength to face up to the present
I promise I won't give up on either of them

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