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Romaji Title: Up To Date
Kanji Title: Up To Date
English Title: Up To Date

English CreditsKanji Credits
Lyrics and Music : Nakajima Takui Arrangement: CJ de Villar / Nakajima Takui 作詞・作曲:中島卓偉 編曲:CJ de Villar / 中島卓偉

Takui did several interesting things with writing a kanji for a word, but actually singing the word in English: "kataki" was sung as "enemy", "hayari" was sung as "trend", and "doutoku" was sung as "morale". All three are accurate. I decided that "sute koma" was best translated as "trojan horse", since "koma" can refer to a chess piece, and when the kanji is pronounced "uma" it also means "horse". In the line "toberu ka tobenai..." Takui used the word "niramekko" which is a game played by Japanese children in which two of them will stare at each other, and make funny faces. The first to laugh loses. So I thought that translating this as "stare down" was appropriate.

This world is flooded with low lifes living in ICU
In ten thousand, I'm the only entertainer
For the sake of the people who can't break out of their shell and come out of the dirt, I'll become the trojan horse
I am the one looking, listening, feeling, and plunging into tomorrow

Immediate brain control and god given genes
Are a discovery of a great variety of unnoticed talents

To find out whether or not you can fly, stare down the courage in your heart
Do I ask the meaning of living to myself or to my mother?
Choosing a cirriculum is up to you, it's ok if you have motivation
Be careful, because enemies are lurking

Old quiz and answer, arrogant adults immersed in their superiority complexes test us
We made our own future

Break the destruction of mind, it's fine to uselessly struggle
We don't need bad calculations, now our broken selves are up to date

Trends make me sick
I'm already tired of hearing about morals

Break the destruction of mind, it's fine if it's white or black
Unless it rains suddenly, let's expect a happening
Break the destruction of mind, it's fine to uselessly struggle
We don't need bad calculations, now in broken fragments
Miraculously, we're up to date

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