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Romaji Title: inoveitaa
Kanji Title: イノヴェイター
English Title: Innovator

English CreditsKanji Credits
Lyrics & Music : Nakajima Takui Arrangement : CJ de Villar / Nakajima Takui 作詞・作曲:中島卓偉 編曲:CJ de Villar / 中島卓偉

In the line "subete wa..." Takui sung "sadame" but wrote "unmei". They both mean "fate", but "sadame" has more of a feel of "karma" to it.

I should start changing pain into pleasure
I should change the impossible into the possible
The knowledge crammed into my head isn't yet useful
I should knock down the money that's lined up like dominos

Let me die and save my soul, let me die for rock n' roll
Everything is fate, I don't have enough time and life, but I'll go faster

When I know I can become something useful
I won't run into walls and be able to betray
I'm going to be as stale as people taught to pray
Being brainwashed has probably already frozen me

I've got to move it on, I've got to sing my song
I should get rid of the bad feelings in my heart
Taking the wheel, I'm an innovator

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