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Southern All Stars

Romaji Title: Lonely Woman
Kanji Title: Lonely Woman
English Title: Lonely Woman

English CreditsKanji Credits
Lyrics & Music : Kuwata Keisuke 作詞・作曲:桑田佳祐

This song is used in the commercials for the Toyota "More Than Best" campaign.

Happiness has gone with the wind, without a sound
The lights of youth go out, and now no one can love you

The empty shell that was reflected in the window glass is your dark eyes
Those days that were wrapped in happiness aren't coming back

Footsteps draw near to the door, his shirt is on your fingertips
They're soaked into this room, his feelings won't go away

The wind that is stirred up and whirling on the building is a ticket to a ride
Your ticket to tomorrow has gone

Rumored lonely woman, your baby's gone.
When you look to the melancholy blue sky in midwinter
The tears seem to overflow again

Everyone is only human. We're all alone.
Your feeling is that everything is an illusion
The memories haunt you.
It's breaking your heart.
The person that you were enchanted with, and was enchanted with you
...Isn't here, ai, ai, ai...

Brushing against your soft and fair cheek, words of love are whispered
If time was turned back, you would hold him and not say a word

A group of angels swoop down
Tonight, the city is snow white
Won't you have a new dream before dawn?

Lady blue. Your baby's gone.
Don't be beaten by by sadness, which is free; don't cry

Adult romance. It won't be long.
There are no comforting words
But you're hiding in shadows.
It's making you cry.
Your feelings are too beautiful
...It hurts, ai, ai, ai...

Rumored lonely woman, your baby's gone.
A present of a new love
Grasp a rainbow in the frozen palms of your hands

Everyone is only human. We're all alone.
It's "Merry Xmas" instead of "goodbye"
The memories haunt you.
It's breaking your heart.
Hey, if you listen carefully, the snow is falling
...Listen, ai, ai, ai...

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