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Southern All Stars

Romaji Title: Happy Birthday
Kanji Title: Happy Birthday
English Title: Happy Birthday

English CreditsKanji Credits
Lyrics & Music : Kuwata Keisuke 作詞・作曲:桑田佳祐

Happy birthday, tonight is an important time
Sexy new day, we don't need any words

Love pouding in my heart
So darlin', stay with me!!
Um, I've seen this day in my dreams, let's dance together

Beauty Beauty, you've become beautiful again
Party Party, your supple body
Ah, the more I get drunk, the more I feel
So darlin', play with me!!
Um, let's go through this special night without showing any tears

Ah, only you are my stardust memory
Hum, when I'm in love, I'm the same as everyone
My heart is confused (Remember)
Ah, when you bloom in the field, you're a lovely rose
Hum, intermingling sighs, in this room
It's just the two of us
Turn out the light and hold me tight!!

Sweet little baby, it's the time to celebrate naked
Dear my lady, us more so than anyone else in the world

Yearning for love, tired of waiting
So darlin', sleep with me!!
Um, let's revive what was forgotten until yesterday

Ah my tearstained stardust yesterday
Hum, I don't know the whereabouts of love
It's strange (I know that)
Ah, looking at the night sky and wishing on a star
Hum, happiness please shine forever
For the two of us!!

Ah, my Melody Hum that I give only to you
Accepting things that were lost, naked (I'll hold you)
Ah, tonight is your happy birthday night
Ah, everything is my holy sexy night
Hum, intermingling sighs, in this room
It's just the two of us, turn out the light and hold me tight!!

Happy birthday to you...

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