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Southern All Stars

Romaji Title: Erotica Seven
Kanji Title: エロティカ・セブン ~erotica seven~
English Title: Erotica Seven

English CreditsKanji Credits
Lyrics & Music : Kuwata Keisuke 作詞・作曲:桑田佳祐

In my dreams I throw myself to the wind, I peep at you through a fisheye lens
If I could hold your hot breasts, I'd selfishly fly into the sky

As I savor the electric chock of being in the middle of being swelled up with love
My organs race suspiciously, so much that my sexual organ is wet

We're lovers, so we drink that romantic juice
I just want to live so I don't show you my tears

Hold me; I'm me, and my throat is dry; that kind of love is everything
Women are women, and are loose at night; I am erotica seven

A black demon has come and given me these hard core feelings
When I make a decision once, I can't be stopped
This won't be an unfinished failure

The two of us together kill off a full-course of complaints just one more time
I just want a kiss that makes my teeth freeze

I'm me, and more so than anyone else, am in the middle of a storm of love for my life
Women are women, they transform, and you who are sparkling are erotica seven

We engage in as many degrees as are expected
Someday, I want a love that feels like it burns

I'm enchanted; the end of hell is a metropolis of romance
The fallen Adam and Eve
Are lewd animals skinned by the edge of a sword
It's a heaven of honesty and madness

Hold me; I'm me, and my throat is dry
That kind of love is a monster that I like
Women are women, and are loose at night; I am erotica seven

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