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Southern All Stars

Romaji Title: aja
Kanji Title: 彩~aja~
English Title: Makeup

English CreditsKanji Credits
Lyrics & Music : Kuwata Keisuke 作詞・作曲:桑田佳祐

The kanji part of the title is actually pronounced "aya". But because ~aja~ is there afterword, we get the feeling that Kuwata Keisuke meant to give "aya" a Hispanic sounding pronounciation. So we decided to keep the romaji of the title as "aja". This is also the theme song for a new JAL commercial. Their new campaign is entitled "FLY! JAL! umi no mukou e!" (Fly! JAL! Beyond the ocean!")

One day, finding a rainbow during the rain
The street corner of our love that we strolled to

The sunny hill road
That I one day visited with you
Amore, my heart aches
Today, there is only the wind blowing softly

Gazing at the sea that is untouched by the seasons, alone
The memories accumulate as time passes

The blue waves breaking onto the shore
On the sandy beach empty of anyone
Basking in the setting sun, the seagulls
Inform me of the end of love; Ah, ah...

Taking me into a dream
To where the beautiful flowers bloom
At dusk, I'm alright
The shadow on the roadside is blue

It's only in a dream, but be by my side
If this is love that I can't even now forget
I long for love that is alright
Knowing that we can't meet again

If you've at last fallen in love with someone
Then be happier than anyone in this world

To the person I value most
I give "goodbye" as a present
Amore, changing the tear-blurred stars
Into a ring; Ah, ah...

Don't condemn me as I am
Though I'm an unskilled and useless guy
This time I'm okey
Why is longing so cruel?

We're seperated, but I miss you
Light makeup smelling of rouge
That time, love is ole
The spring sunshine is innocent, like the fickle wind

You take me into a dream
Flapping your wings toward tomorrow, on a journey
From now on I'm alright
The sky that I wish for is blue

It's only in a dream, but be by my side
I want to see you even now
So the remnants are love is alright
The ressurected romance is a hot premonition

If we can't see one another again
Tears, even though it's spring time

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