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Siam Shade

Romaji Title: Love
Kanji Title: Love
English Title: Love

English CreditsKanji Credits
Lyrics & Music by SIAM SHADE Lyrics & Music by SIAM SHADE

This song was Siam Shade's final single before their breakup, dedicated to their fans.

Shadows are trampling the setting sun
I don't need a reason to be with you through thick and thin

Woo, this despairing time
Woo, is piercing me coldly

Your love, I want to hold on to it in my heart
To the point where all your love is overflowing
Your love, I want to feel it, we don't need words
It just shows in my eyes...for love

I search for you to the point that I want to cry out
But I'm sorry to the same point if this is ackward

Woo, every time I turned around
Woo, you were right by my side weren't you?

Your love, now I have noticed
Your unchanged smile
My love, I haven't done anything for you
But I hope this song that I've written reaches you...for love

Love will continue to go far and wide, will continue to go to hopes and dreams

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