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Romaji Title: sashimi to wasabi
Kanji Title: 刺身と山葵
English Title: Sashimi And Wasabi

English CreditsKanji Credits
Lyrics and Music by Anchang Lyrics and Music by Anchang

Sashimi is Japanese fish that is sliced and served raw, and I think everyone knows what sushi is. I decided these were left better untranslated. Sumeshi is boiled rice in a mixture of vinegar, sugar, and salt. This is the rice used in sushi. The phrase "hadashi de kamawanai" literally means "I don't mind that I'm bare foot". But since he's talking about it after his identity, it means it's ok that he acts naturally. You see, some guys just can't come right out and say "I love you with all my heart", or something like that. So guys who aren't like that should be proud of this, because this is your song!

Japanese eat sushi, and it's delicious isn't it?
People who order expensive tuna are pretty cool, aren't they?
I eat hand rolled sushi from a convenience store
I wonder what's wrong with this?
No one else dreams my dreams, they're not for anyone else.
My identity is right here, I don't need any protection
Sashimi, wasabi, sashimi, wasabi
I'm in a rift in time, wasabi does the trick
In the twilight sky

When you ocassionally dress up, where are you going?
Usually you just wear a jersey and glasses
I set out for my second wedding party of the night
They're not very well matched, that's the truth
You're not a very nice person, but you're not a bad person either
Even if I lie, you understand, so I can't help but laugh
Sashimi, wasabi, sashimi, wasabi, you're in a rift in time
Will we embrace in sumeshi?
Sashimi, wasabi, sashimi, wasabi
I'm in a rift in time
Wasabi does the trick
In your eyes, ah...

For some reason, your face is different than usual
The second hand on the clock began to rotate
You're a little bit faster than me, I've noticed
No matter what kind of sushi
Wasabi is a necessary thing

Sashimi, wasabi, sashimi, wasabi
I'm in a rift in time
Don't push me away from you
Sashimi, wasabi, sashimi, wasabi
Next to sashimi, is wasabi
Next to you, is me

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