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Inugami Circus Dan

Romaji Title: kuchiyose
Kanji Title: 口寄せ
English Title: Spiritualism

English CreditsKanji Credits
Lyrics & Music : Inugami Circus Dan 作詞・作曲:犬神サーカス団

Kyouko : "Yes, yes, yes, I apologize. The god of bad fortune is driven away, and I call out to the god of god fortune. "Spirituality" has defeated him. Beware of the fire! Yes, Yes, welcome, how about some spirituality?"
George II : "Hey, look. Spirituality."
Jin : "What's spirituality?"
George II : "When the souls of dead people are allowed to be transferred into your body, and they talk."
Jin : "Aah. Well, is that something like a fortune teller?"
Kyouko : "Welcome"
George II : " you really call out to dead people?"
Kyouko : "Yes"
Jin : "How much does it cost?"
Kyouko : "3000 yen"
George II : "Hey, how about it? It seems like it might be a little interesting."
Jin : "Well, ok let's do it! ...but, who will you call out to?"
Kyouko : "Anyone"
George II : "Ummm, dead people, dead people...Jimi Hendrix?"
Jin : "Ahh. Jimi Hendrix, the guitar magician that left the world in 1970?"
George II : "Well, Jimi Hendrix please!"
Kyouko : "Yes, done. ...ha! Lingering presence in this world of the soul of the dead Jimi Hendrix, fall into my body! Fall! ...ha!"
George II : "Hey, it seems like the transfer might have happened!"
Kyouko : "I have become Jimi Hendrix. It's ok to ask me anything."
Jin : "Are you really Jimi Hendrix?"
Kyouko : "Ahh, yes. I am Jimi Hendrix."
George : "Huh? Hey, Jimi Hendrix was a foreigner wasn't he?"
Jim : "Yeah, he was definetly American."
Kyouko : "Indeed! I am American, but...what?"

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