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Inugami Circus Dan

Romaji Title: keiji
Kanji Title: 啓示
English Title: Revelation

English CreditsKanji Credits
Lyrics & Music : Inugami Circus Dan 作詞・作曲:犬神サーカス団

Listen well you lost lambs.
Between the sun and the moon, the earth that has taken on suffering revolves.
Already abandoned children are thrown into the river of oblivion
Persecuted young men fall from the tops of buildings in masses.
Old women are left behind on deadhead trains! Can you see the light of the future?
However lambs, this hopeless world before long will meet it's demise.
Soon all of you together with a brilliant light, will flow more than the sky, so listen to the preperation of these beatitudes.
They are a lullaby full of love. A deviant song soaking up puss.
The whole world's..."rock and roll"
Roaring in the consciousness..."rock and roll"
Yes, rock and roll! Rock and roll calls us out to Utopia.
When you see the Grim Reaper... "Kill him!"
When you meet the devil... "Kill him!"
Listen well lambs.
Certainly the "dark door" is open!
Previously dead rock stars will be called back from Hades, and a kingdom of ideals will be built in this world!
The day of revolution is near. ...The day of revolution is near!!

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