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Inaba Koshi

Romaji Title: Wonderland
Kanji Title: Wonderland
English Title: Wonderland

English CreditsKanji Credits
Lyrics & Music : Inaba Koshi 作詞・作曲:Inaba Koshi

Hey, shutting the door, and not moving from that spot
Believing that it's something a coward does, I didn't doubt you
Shamefully I became conceited, thinking that I'll change you
I kept talking to you, as if I was guiding you to heaven, or somewhere

Whenever I look at your face, I get impatient and nervous
Holding on to my misplaced sense of responsibility
What the hell kind of person am I?
Ah, I truly am an idiot

You busy yourself with pitying others
I wonder if you pity me?

Whenever I remember, I think it's odd
I lose understanding of what happiness is
The things that I believed in lose their meanings
Were you going to say something?

Oh, la la la
Look at this upside down world
If you have the courage
Clinging on, letting go
And just like that, you're in wonderland

Oh, la la la
Look at this upside down world
If you have the courage
Shadow suddenly changes into light
And ugliness into beauty, in wonderland

Cleaning up the garbage
That I threw away one day
Holding it as it shines
You are just laughing
Laughing normally

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