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Inaba Koshi

Romaji Title: shizuka na ame
Kanji Title: 静かな雨
English Title: The Quiet Rain

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Lyrics & Music : KOSHI INABA 作詞・作曲:KOSHI INABA

With a speed that seems to have gone to sleep
Drops of water fly about
While looking at the swaying wiper
I'm thinking of a good reason for being late

In the depressing morning traffic jam
Lined up across from me is a taxi
In the back
Somone is sitting
And they look like you

Without calling in the quiet rain
My heart throbs
Wiping the clouded glass
With the palm of my hand
Looking at her face

Ten meters or so ahead
Someone is in an accident
Like a slug
I'm going toward the person
Who looks like you

There is a brand new building
That towers high into the sky
The stop storey is growing foggy
At that time
There was nothing there
I'm talking about it in my heart

I'm imprisoned in the quiet rain
I'm soaked in my sweet delusions
Our rendezvous
Of only a few minutes
Has unfortunately ended

When I open the window
And search around
There's no one there
I look up to the sky
Where a little bit of light is shining through
I turn at the intersection

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