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Romaji Title: Tokyo
Kanji Title: Tokyo
English Title: Tokyo

English CreditsKanji Credits
Lyrics & Music : Kiyoharu 作詞・作曲:清春

Today too, I laughed in a voice full of wounds, perplexed by that interrupted black dream
Counting the sounds of too many noisily running cars, I wished to not be able to sleep

If only I could live without remembering the things I've forgotten
My memories shake,and it's as though I'm being pillaged

Watching a video, sunken into the sofa
I was weak, pretending to be strong

If only I could dream a new dream at midnight
I'm shooting for a cold and pounding rain, oh

Tokyo, a crazy city; how long has the passion been lost?
Tokyo, a crazy night; unsleeping and expressionless bad days
Tokyo, a crazy city; instead of nothing, disappearing motion
Tokyo, a crazy night; even if I turn around and time stops, the loose days are unchanging
The silence flows noisily

Heartless words flow and disappear, how far do the simplistic people go?
I grew to hate everything, but I realized why

It's going to feel like I'm suffering until I betray
I know this, it's the same with everyone
But there are feelings of having lost something
We just missed each other, so I quicken my pace, oh

Tokyo, a crazy city; the passion is disappearing from my heart
Tokyo, a crazy night; the showy bad days have jumped off
Tokyo, a crazy city; motion is disappearing in front of me
Tokyo, a crazy night; instead of being degraded to a gear, instead of being deprived
I want to escape, from this isolated place

Tokyo, a crazy city
Tokyo, a crazy night, baby baby
Tokyo, crazy city
Tokyo, a crazy dream, baby baby

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