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Romaji Title: Evergreen
Kanji Title: Evergreen
English Title: Evergreen

English CreditsKanji Credits
Lyrics & Music : hyde 作詞・作曲:hyde

The me within the water
On the glass in the window
Is stretched out like a flower

Shaking in the pale rays of sunlight
In the depths of sleep
I notice the mark of summer

If only the hand of the ruthless clock
Would turn back
To the minute of my pain

Ah, I gaze at the days
That I spent with you, who are unique
So much that they overflow

This scenery is evergreen
The green leafs will change colors
Beneath the sun beams shining through the leaves
You are crying

You who are lovely
Call out to the gentle season
And become innocently attached to it

It flows softly down my body
And it dissolves
Like medicine

This scenery is evergreen
It seems so broken that it's fleeting
Take my hand
So we won't be seperated

This scenery is evergreen
You're hanging your head pitifully
I want to wipe dry
Those sad eyes

The end is near
I can't start to say even one word
This scenery is evergreen
My love

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