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Romaji Title: Honey Blade
Kanji Title: Honey Blade
English Title: Honey Blade

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It's fleeting, therefore in fullness of bloom
With pheromones, I dream in my dreams
Even your stoic skin gets my blood flowing
I hate even the pale flowers

Look around, look around into honey blade.
Let me see, let me see your honey blade.
Show me, show me, show your honey blade.
Inside out, inside out, make it honey blade.
I'll break you right here and now

I'm deep kissed by pieces of angels
Gatering together and crying, make love
What you say, what you say, what you say honey blade.
Lick it up, lick it up, lick me honey blade.
Bite me, bite me, bite me honey blade.
Makin' love, make it what? Make it honey blade.
Continue to sleep inside of me
Bask in the world's envy

Why don't you sleep in my hand baby?
Why don't you dance on my mind baby?
Why don't you smile for me?
Please, please, please don't let you go.Yeah!

When I wake up, you're nowhere to be found
Cattleyas and a letter were left behind
That day, that time, at that place, like that, you, you,
You, you, you, you, thank god I broke you

Wanna see, wanna see, my honey blade.
Don't go way, don't go way my honey blade.
I look around, look around you honey blade.
Makin 'love, makin' love, make you honey blade.

Right now, I stare at you in a picture
With a cold gun to my head
I'll pull the trigger....... now......

Good-bye sweet my honey blade.
Sweet sweet my honey blade.
Good-bye sweet my honey blade.
Sweet sweet my honey blade.
Good-bye sweet my honey blade.
See you born again.........

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