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Romaji Title: genkai haretsu
Kanji Title:
English Title: Break The Limits

English CreditsKanji Credits
WORDS & MUSIC : hide WORDS & MUSIC : hide

If you ask me kupo, this song is about a very obsessive man. If you watch the video, you will get a clearer idea of the story Hide was telling.

Staring at you makes my heart ache
I have to protect this, or it will be ruined
You don't know it
But you are my medicine
Only I can swallow you

That pathetic girl makes my heart ache
Teasing, she sells her beauty cheap
If you and I had met any earlier
In this sort of way
I probably wouldn't have hurt you
I probably wouldn't have made you cry

Seeing you makes my heart ache
You are falling to pieces
You look very beautiful
Seeing you from here

Therapy, this is therapy, only therapy

Atop me, you are disappearing
There's nothing to be done, it's a sad, lonely joke
This is a nightmare
And this is you
But nothing has any meaning
Because this will dirty you

Take you any way you want
Of everything you want to do
Take you any way you...
What do you want to do?
Take you any way you want
In a place where there's no one around
Take you any way you...
With things like this, I'm going to break the limits with you

Therapy, this is therapy, my therapy

With you who laments "it's very lonely"
And with things like this, let's go and break the limits

You should have always seen
Only me
I should have given you everything
Everything, for you

Take you any way you want
You're my "unstable" love
Take you any way you...
I won't leave you anymore
With you like this
Locked away forever
By your side
Always talking to you

Therapy, this is therapy, my therapy

Without seeing anyone
Let's pass the time here
The time made from glass
We'll pass together
Without counting the numbers of past nights
We'll pass the time
With you I'll continue
My therapy
...And you will be my medicine

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