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Romaji Title: Bacteria
Kanji Title: Bacteria
English Title: Bacteria

English CreditsKanji Credits
Words & Music : Hide Words & Music : Hide

"haki tame no tsuru" (a crane in a rubbish heap) is like saying "a diamond in the rough". "gera gera hashi korogari warau" literally means "laughing because a chopstick as rolling". It means someone who laughs at anything. "ano hadaka no ousama raba no mimi da ne" refers to the king having "donkey ears" because he's so concerned with his image, he'll hear anything anyone says about him. It's apparently from a European folk tale.

Super sonic slimy dance
Super sonic slimy go go
Sloppy sloppy chattering
They laugh at anything
Satisfied with nothing bad happening, they're relieved
Swarms of mysterious creatures

Slimy boys
Slimy girls
Slimy babe
Slimy men

It's sleeping dutifully and soundly
Will this just manage to end it's life?
It's meaningless, but it chatters about promises
It wants its head stroked, never anything else improper

Slimy face
Slimy mind
Slimy brain
Slimy you & me

Bacteria, bacteria; that spineless bastard appears now and then
Bacteria, bacteria; it's raining amoebas
Bacteria, bacteria; you and I are both sticky and wet
Bacteria, bacteria; if it dissolves and oozes, yes, it's the end

Super sonic slimy dance
Super sonic slimy go go

That naked king, the naked idiot
That naked king, he has donkey ears
It must not be said
It must not be heard
Even if it's realized in the mind of a child
It endures being simmered, inside of a hole

Slimy smilin'
Slimy talkin'
Slimy fuckin'
Slimy yeah yeah

Bacteria, bacteria; someone somewhere did this and that
Bacteria, bacteria; pleased and embarrassed, secrets and teasing
Bacteria, bacteria; I don't know anyone from anywhere
Bacteria, bacteria; tears are shed for needless debt

Anyway, it was born to this world
Slender, long, and sticky, never never
That lovely girl is a super sonic slimy hooker
Have you seen them? The sticky people of the stars of this same earth

Slimy music
Slimy war
Slimy star
Slimy dance

Bacteria, bacteria; paranoia, hysteria
Bacteria, bacteria; come, young people of the future
Bacteria, bacteria; a crane in a rubbish heap, it was plucked and killed
Bacteria, bacteria; dissolving and oozing
Bacteria, bacteria; Not concerning myself with your desires
Bacteria, bacteria; When you find the one way to go to be enlightened
Bacteria, bacteria; hand in hand with a devil of this world
Bacteria, bacteria; vomit out everything

Super sonic slimy dance
Super sonic slimy go go

Dissolving and oozing, yes, it's the end

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