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Heesey With Dudes

Romaji Title: Nameless Lover
Kanji Title: Nameless Lover
English Title: Nameless Lover

English CreditsKanji Credits

A "gerbera" is an African daisy. "Moebius" refers to a comic book author from the 1960s and 70s that enjoyed some popularity in Japan. Saying "a Moebius" just refers to a drawing in his style, similar to his work.

Tonight, I have an uneasy telepathic feeling
And my antenna is tingling
Feel alright, my soul wakes up
And I feel the beat of my pounding heart

I grow pale like it's nearing the end of the world
On the distorted streets

Oh, nameless lover, let's love each other
Like there's no tomorrow, all night long

Tonight, I feel sympathy for my fate
Catching a wet gerbera
Feel alright, taking off everything
Let's have the dream of our lives

The time between a moment and eternity flickered by
Forgetting that night that has passed

Oh, timeless groover
Let's draw a pretty Moebius together, on and on

We don't need names, let's drink some chilled red wine
And get drunk on it's full body

Oh, shameless raver, stopping time
And raising the curtain, it's one night stand

Yes, nameless lover, going with our endless desire
All night long
Let's hum a full moon light song
Let's love each other all night long

Na na na...Dear nameless lover
Na na na...Dear nameless lover

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