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Hajime Chitose

Romaji Title: sen no yoru to sen no hiru
Kanji Title: 千の夜と千の昼
English Title: A Thousand Nights And Thousand Days

English CreditsKanji Credits
Lyrics, Music, & Arrangement : Gen Ueda 作詞・作曲・編曲:Gen Ueda

Even if you keep looking for lost wings
It's nowhere to be found
Even if you stop the time
The stars still move
Words, or prayers
Balloons or bouquets
They won't reach

Going over a thousand nights and thousand days
I had a dream of crossing the light-filled milky way
What are you looking at
On top of the broken tower which has been forgotten about
Under grass and trees?

I wanted you to smile
So here, I have things for you
I wanted to return them to the sky
So I thought about a lot of things
The forest beyond the forest
The sea beyond the sea
Going out to collect, praying as I collected
Praying, decorating, searching
Putting my wish on it

What I gave you last
Was a silver umbrella mixed with the color of the sea
You, who has it in your right hand
With the wind, flies up
Going over a thousand nights and thousand days
Crossing the light-filled milky way
Going over a thousand nights and thousand days...

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