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Princess Princess

Romaji Title: DING DONG
Kanji Title: DING DONG
English Title: DING DONG

English CreditsKanji Credits
Lyrics : Nakayama Kanako
Music : Okui Kaori

The sound of the sacred bell left the memories of us
Only for this wonderful night

Ostracized in this bustling city
People carrying gifts passed by me
Even the kids that sing carols
I thought of so hatefully; Painfully, I closed my eyes

Last year the two of us, in the candle light
Were kissing and swearing our unchanging feelings amongst the happiness

The dreams of that sacred day were buried under the snow and have disappeared
Even so, the bell will sound this year too

On a night like this I'm all alone
Looking at a blank TV screen
Throughout the world there must be lots of people like me
Who are crying all alone, right?

When he was drunk
I ended up hating him no matter what, so the one who said goodbye
Was me, but...

Even if the saints come marching in, even if my card gets there
The two of us from that day are nowhere to be found

I'm listening to the sound of the scared bell all alone
I wonder if he's somewhere listening to it too?

The sound of the scared bell downpours throughout the city
I wonder if he could hear it at his place?

The sound of the sacred bell left the memories of us
Only for this wonderful night

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