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Romaji Title: MW ~Dear Mr. & Ms. Picaresque~
Kanji Title: MW 〜Dear Mr. & Ms.ピカレスク〜
English Title: MW ~Dear Mr. & Ms. Picaresque~

English CreditsKanji Credits
Lyrics : Yamamura Ryuuta
Music : Sakai Kazuki

With a smile that I'm not sure who it's for, it seems like even my breath asks me
In believing that "this is it for sure"...haven't you gotten hurt again?
At that place that I'm unable to move from, it continues on to eternity
When I just wait for the light

Holding you tight, I want to break you
If I love you to pieces
I'll stand up for everything about you once again
Though the light is shining...
The pain that hurts me so that I won't be hurt alone
Is not proof

When I just believe in what's reflected in your eyes and things I heard
A different answer behind my eyelids that I close
Spills out and won't disappear

I just want you to be yourself, and me to be myself
If today gets in the way of the daybreak that we just wait for
Then we should just live our lives in a new tomorrow
I want to see you believing that...
Holding onto only a scream that shakes your heart
Live your life like you're going to die

Though I pretend I'm not into it
Though I pretend not to notice
With the things that I forget
Not going well

When I feel so happy that I shiver
And you ask "when will that be?" or "what does my face look like?"
I'll be your mirror and pierce your heart
I just want you to be yourself, and me to be myself
If two become one with just a single love
Like melting without turning around or looking ahead
I just want to burn my heart
Just the loves that light up one after another
Are burnt into my eyelids

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