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Aqua Timez

Romaji Title: yasashii kioku ~everlasting II~
Kanji Title: 優しい記憶〜evalasting II〜
English Title: Gentle Memories ~everlasting II~

English CreditsKanji Credits
Lyrics & Music : Futoshi作詞・作曲:太志

My Grandpa said that even at his age
Understanding others was very difficult
My Grandpa told me that even at his age
He was very scared of saying goodbye

Taking a seat in his chair and gazing far away
The loneliness that quivers in his eyes is my Grandpa's alone

But I understand it, if only a little
I want to love someone that deeply some day
Just like you loved Grandma

My Dad said that boys
Protect girls no matter what happens
So from then on my Dad told me
That when he wasn't around I was going to protect Mom

Without raising my voice, without coming up with any kind of a reason
He taught me through his own form, like a quiet lake

But I understand it, if only a little
Thinking of something as important and making it important are different things
Because you loved us in such a quiet way

As parent and child, as man and woman
Love is equally as wonderful, and we may leave some memories behind

If I say that I have no memories like that
Would you like to start painting some from now on?

Placing the paints of hope onto a still brand-new tomorrow

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