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Romaji Title: mege mege 2000
Kanji Title: メゲメゲ2000
English Title: Happy 2000

English CreditsKanji Credits
Lyrics & Music : Tortoise Matsumoto作詞・作曲:トータス松本

"mege mege" is a word used to describe one's heart bouncing from happiness and expectation. Though it was translated simply as "happy", the meaning is a little bit more complex than that.

It's past midnight and I'm all alone
A man's jealousy explodes
Why did that girl turn me down?
Overwhelmed by alcohol, what's this!?
My smiling face is happy night & day

A listless mood, tobacco smoke
Shoveling cheap booze down my pipes
I can't see you anymore, why not?
"Don't call me", Why not!?
I'm happy with sympathy, worried

Where has that cute girl gone?
Who is that girl that I love looking at?

I stumble around at 2 in the morning
I dance around all fluttery, like in a manga
All I can do is go home alone?
All I can do in the dark is sleep!
The street corner is blurred with happiness

Where has that cute girl gone?
Why did that girl that I love disappear?

Ahh, I'm at the mercy of the seasons
Life is too painful to not know
The number of words that you part with
If this is a dream, wake me up right now
Wake me up!

Where has that cute girl gone?
Why did that girl that I love disappear?

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