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Suga Shikao

Romaji Title: tatoeba asa no bus tei de
Kanji Title: たとえば朝のバス停で
English Title: At the Bus Stop in the Morning

English CreditsKanji Credits
Lyrics & Music : Suga Shikao作詞・作曲:スガシカオ

They're talking about the new year on the evening news
And they won't even really tell me what the weather will be like tomorrow
I spent my short vacation inside
I got 4 or 5 New Year's cards in my mailbox...
The time is passing and the days have stopped

The person who befriended me back on that day
They disappeared without me even knowing their name
The person who forgave the words that I spit out
Full of nothing but quibbling, with an amazed smile
I have no reason to drop them a line now though...

In the subway at night, in a rainy park with no one else around
I wonder if I could see you just one more time in one of those places...

Everyone was laughing at me swinging and missing
But you supported me on the other side of the phone
Blaming it on others, you gave me a thick-skinned push on the back
Of me who was hanging his head back then
Though there's no reason I should have met such a kind person

At the bus stop in the morning, at a railway crossing that never opens
I wonder if I could see you just one more time in one of those places...

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