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ikimono gakari

Romaji Title: kokoro no hana wo sakaseyou
Kanji Title: 心の花を咲かせよう
English Title: Make the Flower In Your Heart Bloom

English CreditsKanji Credits
Lyrics & Music : Yamashita Hotaka作詞・作曲:山下穂尊

The time when we ran through on a journey to tomorrow
Gazing up ahead, we don't talk about it much

You're confused for a moment, but there's definitely a path; There's no such thing as a goal that can't be reached

Just what is it that waits on the stage that I was able to see from far away
The seed that was sowed in my heart will definitely bud one day
Sleepless nights alone come back to me, and my logic circuits attain enlightenment
Saying "I've no doubts about myself right now"

Make the flower in your heart bloom without letting it dry up
So that your dreams will soon change into a definite radiance
Because the scenery that we dreamed of will definitely not fade
And will be carved into our hearts forever
Today, right here, a cloud-less and simplistic light will give birth to a meaning known as "me"

When I wiped away the tears of that night when I swore I wouldn't lose again, my soul lived in that moment
In the place that I finally arrived at after getting through the days that I won't forget
Those things called "regrets" are necessary

Treasure bringing up the flower that blooms in your heart; Sometimes it will be hammered by rain, sometimes blown by the wind
Even if the flower eventually rots, life will be born
The chain that continues on forever holds a meaning known as "me"
Us as we were back then laugh, we yearn for the flowers that bloom in profusion
The look that we give toward us as we are today speaks
Ordinary days are miracles, miracles that we spin
What I search for is a miracle before the set of eyes not called "special" but "ordinary"

On this day that shined I have thanks and plenty of applause
It's inevitable that we who are burnt out should have pride right now
Even if one day this day turns into the past and it looks like we're going to lose out to the "present"
We'll probably remember the days that were colored in passion

Make the flower in your heart bloom forever
Even if it runs out of water, even if darkness covers it
A beginning called the end, an end called the beginning
We'll still walk on, we'll still walk on
I want to see a future that will just continue on, with an unknown and incurable pain waiting up ahead
I want to see one petal of a fleeting miracle

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