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Southern All Stars

Romaji Title: watashi no seikimatsu Karte
Kanji Title: 私の世紀末カルテ
English Title: My End of the Century Medical Record

English CreditsKanji Credits
Lyrics & Music : Kuwata Keisuke作詞・作曲:桑田佳祐

I can't live without TV once I've come home
It doesn't matter if it's a lie, I'll die without some kind of excitement
I've grown to like writing letters in this day and age
I'm not scared to expose my true self to others
I refuse to fight and get hurt
But I'm touched by uncouth comforts

There are times when I take in a big breath of this age's air
I wanted to be grateful for the polluted city air
No matter how old I get, I think fondly of my inexperienced self
Those kind of adults are explaining the path to their own young children
It's meaningless to be suspicious of freedom that you got from someone
Unaware of it, I'm touched

I act kindly toward cute women, I realize this myself
I break the ice with generosity and good humored jokes
Even though I establish my goals with the partner that I bring to bed
I'm drinking and worrying that my motives aren't understood
A beautiful woman, a happy man, everyone
Is touched by the opposite of Spring

When fellow people get deeply into one another, it's nothing that's decent
I'm not strong enough to suffer through poorly misunderstanding and betraying one another
It's better to keep bonds between people indecisive and weak
Otherwise I want to slip into a crowd of people and grasp a hold of happiness
If I run by, looking down on slow walkers
My friends laugh as they cry, and are moved

My wife smiles and says that if I'm unfaithful, I don't have to tell her
Recently I've been getting home late and she's pretending to worry
Looking at the roof of my house from the sopping wet window of the packed train
I'm searching for an excuse for tonight that's different from yesterday's
I want to be somewhere that no one knows about, but even so
I hang up my love and am moved

When I get emotional I get told off from the side in a timid manner
When I let out a shout from my gut I'm called eccentric and ahh, I'm avoided
If I bow my head I can somehow get through it
But when I pretend not to see I get somewhat miserable
When I get flustered by glances from strangers and my own self worth
Even a willow sways in the Spring

Mom, the ballads that you sang to me are nostalgic
Having been born into this world, the thing that I've seen has been the passing of this era
Even in the eras to come people's hearts will probably be empty and simple
As I cling to this little corner of Asia
I won't say that I'll overreach myself again
But at least let me cry, I'm moved

Unable to throw away my dreams, I'm moved

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