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Aqua Timez

Romaji Title: saigo made
Kanji Title: 最後まで
English Title: Until the End

English CreditsKanji Credits
Lyrics : Futoshi
Music : Aqua Timez
作曲:Aqua Timez

I felt so indescribably uneasy
That it was like I couldn't even form any words
I had the strength of heart to get through it
You gave it to me, in good times and in bad
Saying "It's alright to cry in the end" as you endured it

So that my hands can't forget a single thing that you taught me
So that I can pass this along to someone one day, the same way it was passed along to me
I'll take this road to a place where enjoyment can't be called easy

What's worth? What's losing?
What's being right? What's being wrong?
What's talent? In those sorts of times you were always there
Amidst the same kind of pain
As you smiled, saying "What are those things really?"

You accepted me gently, like the passing wind
The truth is that I was really scared, I wanted to run away; Even covered in
Those kinds of words, you are my new strength and you shine on the road ahead

Even though I practiced so much
My legs were shaking so much that
I couldn't do anything else

We ran down a road that was this difficult, this lonely
The truth is that I was really scared, I wanted to run away; Even in the depths of those kind of feelings
I always felt you at my side, until the very end

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