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Princess Princess

Romaji Title: Bee-Beep Puri Puri Summit
Kanji Title: BEE-BEEP プリプリ サミット
English Title: Bee-Beep Puri Puri Summit

English CreditsKanji Credits
Music : Nakayama Kanako

The "Puri Puri" in the title of this song is short for the name of the group, "Princess Princess". It could also have a double meaning of "angry". It doesn't indicate a really serious anger, more "being in a huff".

Don't compare us to big-chested gravure idols
We're pretty good girl friends

Quit making me cry

You can't wash your socks all wadded up like that
Hey, quit jiggling your leg

I'm not your mama

Bee beep, give it your best
Bee beep, ah-ha
Bee beep, it's easy
Bee beep

Words of love are good and all, but let me sleep instead
A wonderful boyfriend that's good at cleaning and laundry

Don't get so angry that you call me an idiot
You have to train your body more and more

Thanks for everything

Bee beep, give it your best
Bee beep, ah-ha
Bee beep, it's easy
Bee beep

Don't say "Look, it's you" whenever a monkey comes on TV
Dreaming is good and all, but how about making more money?

Just pretending to be strong won't do it, because it will just hurt afterward
I'm planning on fishing, but the fish is you

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