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Rip Slyme

Romaji Title: Fade Away
Kanji Title: Fade Away
English Title: Fade Away

English CreditsKanji Credits
Music : PES

Fade away; I'll just disappearing without a sound and again fade in, fade out

When the door opens I can catch a glimpse of the drama; I can see the interval in the circle of the stage
I aim for a window on the building at the other end of the scope, and light a cigar
Burn, no. 1 in the neighborhood; This mountain will disappear from this town, if that happens then tomorrow it will be a different town
For starters I put my finger on the trigger and wait for the signal

The evening sun sets on our town; When twilight comes around, we're kindred spirits
Blooming a flower in a conversation, it doesn't whither; The existence of that in itself won't be eradicated
When I realize that things won't go like they did back then, I'm in a strained atmosphere that where I'm not discouraged
Not chasing after the past, I'm still still searchin'
I can't draw out a life that's only stable, that's optimism
As I'm exposed to an intense heat right now
Dripping with sweat from walking through the wild, it's an illusion that trembles, unable to trust to the left or right; It's long ago collapsed
Back then you were at my side, at that store where we met a guy that hasn't changed at all
I'm leavin' that time that's passed, ok, headed to my paradise

Fade away; I'll just disappearing without a sound and again fade in, fade out

Grief hangs about, aiming for my back
When I fail to commence an attack and pursue, from my guitar case
I stand up with heavy hips, taking out a cigar case with another puff of smoke; The stars come back to the scene
When I blow out that kind of common sense and a match, a sharp mouth
Without speaking turns around and leaves; If you just close your eyes, a retreating figure is projected far away
That shadow just grows hazy, already far far away, in the blink of an eye...

Leaving everything behind in the days that scroll by so blindingly
No reason to take a short break from playing, it's an automatic clock that moves hour by hour
The world that turns at a speed that's like being left behind, where is it coming from and where is it going to?
I want to see the far off future, but I don't have a time machine that I can pull out
A random pattern occurring for some reason
Is seriously boring, right up until the very small limit that it leaves behind
Take a look at our own brand of mischief, the irrefutable era turns
Faces in the crowd change, but my voice should sound out forever
Without disappearing

Fade away; I'll just disappearing without a sound and again fade in, fade out

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