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NICO Touches the Walls

Romaji Title: yoru no hate
Kanji Title: 夜の果て
English Title: The End of the Night

English CreditsKanji Credits
Lyrics & Music : Mitsumura Tatsuya作詞・作曲:光村龍哉

Why do you insist that you're not sad?
You're hiding it; Though you spit out your uncouth loneliness, the tears don't come

If this world were to disappear without a sound tomorrow
You would still just be standing up like that

It doesn't look like that sort of thing will do anything about it
I wish I could give some color to the dark night
The sun being rude, just setting far beyond time

I'm living my life without any great reason
It's no wonder that even if we take up the beautiful night sky
Its complexion will not change at all

A regular old star on a regular old street corner
One day you won't be there anymore

If you don't try to see anything at all like that
You might as well wipe it out with your own hands
Tonight I can see you overlapping with stars in the night sky

Blooming and withering, everything is a sign
Soaring in the wind, confusing scenery

I got so scared that I was happy, sad or whatever
I'm taking in the stars of the cruel night sky and trembling
The light that calls out beyond this kind of darkness
Who's grasping a hold of it?
Come for me one day, to the end of the night
To where I am
To where I am

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