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Romaji Title: yo nin
Kanji Title: 四人
English Title: Four of Us

English CreditsKanji Credits
Lyrics & Music : Tortoise Matsumoto作詞・作曲:トータス松本

Four of us, this is just one of
The mysteries of life
Four of us, it was
Definitely a fated meeting
It's no lie, it's no dream
It's not by chance
Thank you for the four of us
Being together today too

Four of us, at first two of us
Felt each other out, eye to eye
Four of us, without asking why
We got together one night
Laughing, talking
Touching one anothers hearts
We took off running on that day
The four of us

Four of us, chasing after our dreams
To the ends of the sky
Four of us, throughout the seasons
We sweated together, cried together
It's not like that, it's not like this
Ahh, I don't know
We struggled, but
There were four of us

Three of us, it was a parting
That came so suddenly
Three of us, for certain on that day
Feelings definitely left us
Searching for something
He set off on a journey
Goodbye, and then
There were three of us

Four years, time passed
When he crossed through our memories
Four of us, there were four of us once again
The story began again
We stepped firmly onto the stage
Ran through the sky
We welcomed him back
The four of us

Four of us, four of us forever
Like rolling stones
Five of us, live there are five of us
Leslie gives us that sweet sound
It may be a lie, it may be a dream
But we don't care
Thank you for the four of us
Always being together
Thank you for the four of us
Being together today too
Thank you for five of us
Being together live
Thank you, uh~
For the four of us

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