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Romaji Title: okuribi
Kanji Title: おくり火
English Title: Ceremonial Bonfire

English CreditsKanji Credits
Lyrics : Ruki
Music : Dai Nippon Itan Geisha no Minna san (The Japanese Heretic Geishas)

Even though you were laughing so cheerfully up until yesterday
You were telling me that you were doing fine
Even though visiting hours were over, I wanted to be at your side
In a voice that seemed crushed I said "Give it your best" and "Don't give up"

The city at nightfall is decorated with funeral flowers, and I see you off
There is still some faint color left in your sleeping face

When I turn around, you're laughing and crying just like usual
Feeling as though you were here, I was afraid to believe it and was just running away
I'm pathetic, but the truth is
You're always so heart-breaking

Everyone joins hands and says goodbye to those who aren't returning home

Watched over by friends and family, your head toward your end
And you again begin walking toward new days

Was it hot being scorched until you became bone? It must have been painful
But things will definitely get easier; The line of smoke that went up to the sky
Was you
Because it will carry you to heaven

The sky that I look up to is blue, and I think of you
I waved to you forever
When I turn around, you're laughing and crying just like usual
I was feeling as though you were here
I won't forget...

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